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Atuamos design de serviços para gerar valor e encantar seus clientes.

We develop your service so it becomes memorable.

Products and services are the main contact points between your company and its customers. This is the moment that clients create an opinion about your company, noting if it lives up to the promises, being able to become a defender that promotes the company or a detractor that wants to stop its growth. To balance both realities, we develop your services and products taking into consideration the expectations and needs of your customers, just like the delivery capacity of your company, delivering an experience that builds a loyal customer base.

Business Design for what?


To build new revenue sources

The organization's products and services are the entrepreneurial spheres that most generate revenue. Hence, one of the possible strategies to increase billing is the creation and development of more attractive products and services that generate more income.


To stand out in the market

There's no space for products and services that look just like the ones the competitors have to offer. In order to be relevant it's essential to rethink products, services and shopping experiences in order to have a proprietary value proposition that stands out from others.


To expand audience and markets

Attractive services are those that connect to people's real needs. To help companies expand, we identify opportunities and develop products and services that connect with customers that have not yet been reached and allow entrance in new markets.

The Oni Way

We develop your services and products to deliver your company's value proposition to its audience. We identify opportunities that potentialize tour business structure. We study your public's needs and your opponents' offers to design owner products and services that are appealing and strengthen your market positioning. In our performance with Business Design we build the entire value delivery journey for its users and shape processes internally to offer an exceptional service experience.

In products and business design we offer

Value proposition

Complementary services

Users experience


Support processes

Satisfaction evaluation

Service Design

We can also help you with other fields of expertise

Business Modelling

Business Modelling



Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing