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O marketing ajuda a engajar mais pessoas com a proposta de valor da sua empresa.

We define how your company connects and engages with people.

Just as important as having a differentiated value proposition is to generate people's interest in it. We work with the goal to create aligned expectations with your capacity for delivery and positioning. We potencialize your reach with marketing strategies that attract more people to your brand. We unfold every strategy according to your contexto, taking into consideration the field's peculiarities. We prioritize lasting relationships, that create loyalty with clients and attract new customers, measuring and maximizing the return in every investment.

Marketing for what?


To launch new companies

New companies need to present its market positioning, products and services to its potential audiences. Therefore, it's necessary to know how to communicate the new brand with proprietary messages, besides using adequate platforms to reach the desired audience and generate interest.


To convert new customers

Between the moment that the public gets to now a company and the moment of purchase there are relationship steps. To reach the best results it's necessary to build strategies that stimulate the audience to get to know the company more and more into the point of conversion.


To retain current clients

It's more profitable for companies to maintain loyal clients than to convert new ones. The company's marketing structure should contemplate relationship strategies that maintain the company printed in people's thoughts and hearts.

The Oni way

We propose an ample marketing point of view, where focus is not only in the promotion phase. We foment engagement and client retention through actions that potentialize conversion and positive relationships between the company and its audience. Every strategy is guided by the brands market positioning, management indicators and its utilized as a tool to reach entrepreneurial goals.

In marketing we develop:

Marketing plan

Relashionship plan

Shopping journey

Indicators and metrics

Sales funnel

Growth Marketing

We can also help you with other fields of expertise

Business Modelling

Business Modelling

Service Design

Service Design