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Alinhamos equipes para garantir que a cultura organizacional siga o caminho desejado.

We align your team in order to potencialize your business.

Your collaborators are the ones who are mainly responsible for your brand's delivery and its biggest representatives. That's why we align everyone in the team, so that they contribute with your value transmission, understand their roles, the impact on their actions and the guidelines that give directions to their work. We connect your collaborators with your proposition value in order to stimulate an organizational culture that allows your company's sustainable growth.

Corporate culture for what?


Increase retention and behavioral alignment

Behavioral clashes and recurrent collaborators exits are indicators of lack of team alignment and the necessity for structuring. With continuous development strategies it’s possible to change this scenario.


To hire new collaborators

Successful teams are built in the hiring process with the alignment of what the company desires behavioral wise to connect with it's corporate culture.


To open or remodel companies

The company's value proposition comes from it’s partners, either with the decision to open or in a repositioning scenario. In order to be able to deliver a service that's aligned with proposed vision it’s necessary to align and capacitate the team.


Increase customer service satisfaction

In order to be admired it's necessary for your team to understand how important their behavior is in the customer's perception of your company. To deliver an exceptional service it's vital to go beyond basic processes and create solutions that encourage your team.

The Oni way

The organizational culture is the most complex business field because it’s a result of all daily promoted human interactions. Our job in this context is to create team alignment strategies focused on continuous monitoring to grantee that the ever developing culture goes in the right direction.

In organizational culture we develop:

Organizational culture diagnosis

Behavioral training

Behavioral identity

Structuring of hiring processes

Team development plan

Performance guides

Organizational Culture

We can also help you with other fields of expertise

Business Modelling

Business Modelling

Service Design

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